March is a great time to take a close look at your kitchen and do a little Spring-cleaning. All too often, the kitchen becomes a catchall for clutter, as items of all kinds are tossed down by family members entering your home. Some of that stuff seems to linger there a little too long, so make this Spring the time to do a little purge.

At Kevin Fahy Kitchens and Baths, we know there are kitchens all through the Utica, N.Y. area that can use a little TLC. Start by taking everything that isn’t kitchen-oriented out of the kitchen. Go through that stack of mail to get rid of the junk. Look at the kids’ homework and display the best on the refrigerator, while recycling the leftovers they won’t need ever again. Find a better place to hang keys and purses, rather than tossing them on the kitchen counter.

Now that you’ve cleared your kitchen of everything but solely kitchen-oriented items,  you can start organizing and decluttering your cookware. Cooking utensils belong in their proper drawers; spice bottles should be in the spice rack; pots, pans, and cups should be in their proper cabinets. Appliances should not clutter the countertops — find a place that is out of sight, but still convenient, for them.

Is your kitchen still a cluttered mess?  Get rid of any items you haven’t used in a while. There are plenty of charitable places that would love to have that gently-used (or never-used) plastic manicotti stuffer or that wedding gift olive pit remover.  If you know you will use something again, but haven’t in a while, find another place to store it.

If your current kitchen just doesn‘t lend itself to reorganization, Fahy Kitchens has plenty of great ideas for Utica, N.Y. area kitchen renovations to make storage even easier for you. We can help you plan a redesign that pulls you back into the world of organization, with updated accessories that will make your kitchen  storage a little bit easier. You’ll be able to locate everything much more easily than before. It might even make the kitchen a little safer for everyone, as well.

For more helpful tips on keeping your kitchen organized, give Fahy Kitchens and Baths a call today.

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