Bathroom Design Services in Utica, NY

bathroom design utica ny
Whether you simply want to design a functional bathroom in your home, or you hope to create an oasis that allows you to wash away the stress of the day, Kevin Fahy Kitchens has bathroom design services Utica, NY and we can help you create the bathroom you’ve always wanted.

Chances are, you’ve seen amazing bathrooms in home remodeling magazines or on TV. You might have a very clear idea of the kind of bath you’d like in your own home, or you might be in the process of envisioning your dream by putting together different photos, sketches or brochures. No matter where you are in the process, the bathroom design team at Fahy wants to help. When you bring us your ideas, we’ll work with you to create just the bathroom you’ve imagined.

The best Bathroom Designs in Utica, NY come from Fahy

When you meet with us, we’ll talk with you about all the factors that can help bring your bathroom design to life. We’ll discuss your wants and needs – are you looking for a basic bath, or would you like a custom shower and whirlpool bath to escape to at the end of the day? We’ll even help you decide on the shower doors, fixtures and cabinetry that will bring your bath to life.

After meeting with our bathroom designers, we’ll visit your home so that we can take measurements, get an idea of your plumbing and electrical system and make recommendations based on your space and your décor. That way, we’ll be able to install the perfect custom shower or bath (or both) for your home and your lifestyle.

And because Fahy provides complete bathroom design solutions – from custom-built showers, whirlpool baths and glass shower doors to custom cabinetry that provides form and function to beautiful fixtures and accessories that complete the look. We make it simple for you to create the bath you’ve always envisioned at a price that’s within your budget. To get started, schedule a bathroom design consultation with us today, or call our Utica showroom at 315-735-8181.