All too often, bathrooms are so overlooked when it comes to the vast lighting possibilities they offer that they become little more than caves in the wall of the home.

At Kevin Fahy Kitchens and Baths, we appreciate the need for adequate lighting in your bathroom. Think about it: women are applying makeup under those lights, with pointed objects dangerously close to their eyes. Don’t you want to see what you are doing as clearly as possible? And guys, you will be wielding your razors in front of those same dimly-lit mirrors … don’t you want to be able to brighten up the room so you can avoid shaving mishaps?

Bathroom lighting has come a long way from the old single light in the ceiling and a strip of three or four circular bulbs above the mirror. The innovations have come fast and furious in recent years, with much of the change brought on by governmental wattage-use regulations. Fahy Kitchens and Baths will make sure your Utica, N.Y.-area bathroom has lighting that is both functional and legal, and we’ll go the extra step to help you create a décor that brightens the room in more ways than simply increasing lumens.

Those old surface-mounted, round ceiling lights have now given way for more contemporary designs, like maybe a decorative chandelier light fixture in the ceiling or even subtle light strips in the corners of the room. The shower area should not be forgotten, either. Many folks think because they have a glass shower door enough light gets in there on its own, but dedicated — and water-resistant, naturally — shower lighting can remove some of the gloom from the shower enclosure.

Accent lighting is also a great way to call attention to certain parts of the bathroom. We’ve looked at ways of making your bathroom uniquely-you with accoutrements that define your personality, so once you add those items, light them up. It’s like putting a spotlight on the things that mean the most to you, and it will impress not only your house guests but make the bathroom feel more welcoming to yourself as well.

For an eye-opening bathroom that will impress and invigorate, give Fahy Kitchens and Baths a call today. We will make sure your bathroom is as bright and inviting as it can be, and take away that old claustrophobic feeling of being a cave dweller.

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