Think a bathroom exhaust fan is only there to remove odoriferous aromas in the air? If so, you are missing a big part of the function — and health benefit — of having an exhaust system that is appropriate for the bathroom size.

Kevin Fahy Kitchens and Baths wants you to know those fans do a lot more than just freshen the air. There are a lot of potentially harmful contaminants like mold and mildew that can thrive in the warm and humid environment of the bathroom, and many people have allergies to even the smallest amounts of those irritants. If allowed to grow unchecked, that mold and mildew can pose serious threats to everyone’s health.

While household cleaners will temporarily eliminate the problem of mold and mildew, denying them the opportunity to grow is always the best way to stop them before the trouble starts. The exhaust fan mounted either in the ceiling or high on the wall will take the warm moisture out of the air in the bathroom and leave it cool and dry. That’s not an environment where mold and mildew are likely to grow.

The exhaust fan can also help remove some of the heat in your Utica, NY bathroom, just perfect for those dog days of summer when the bathroom is just a little too hot after a shower, or the winter days when you leave the bathroom heater on a little bit too long.

In addition to being the place to do your bodily business, the bathroom is also often still a favorite place for smokers to do their deed. Whether it’s just the relaxing environment, or maybe they are sneaking a smoke when they know they really shouldn’t, the small confines of the bathroom collects that smoke like a sponge. Without an exhaust fan, everyone in the home will be breathing second-hand smoke for a while after the smoker leaves the room.

And the bathroom exhaust fan doesn’t only benefit you, but your bathroom walls, furniture, and fixtures as well. The excessive moisture no longer clings to anything in the bathroom, leading to less likelihood for any damage the dampness can cause. Plus the floors and toilet won’t be quite as slick as when it is damp and clammy, so there is less chance of a painful slip and fall.

There are a number of bathroom exhaust fans available, and some even come complete with light fixtures and heat lamps for a total spa-like ambiance right in your Utica, NY area home.

Ready to get that exhaust fan installed in your own bathroom? Give us a call today and we will help you decide on the one that is the perfect size for your own home, and then have it installed by one of our expert technicians. You’ll be breathing easier and healthier in no time!

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