An improperly cleaned bathroom can become the breeding ground for germs that can spread illness all through your home — and you might be overlooking some of the biggest sickness-spreading culprits.

Kevin Fahy Kitchens & Baths wants everyone to be free from germs while in the sanctity of their home bathrooms. Proper hand washing with warm, soapy water after the use of the toilet is pretty much a given, so we will look past that to some hygiene concerns you might be missing.

Is there one toothbrush holder storing the entire family’s collection? Those dirty toothbrushes can easily spread sickness and infection from one to the next in that close proximity. And when is the last time you replaced your toothbrush? It’s recommended to start with a fresh one every three months or so to lessen the chance for germs to spread.

The use of a disposable towel for drying hands is safer than a communal cloth towel because you’ll be tossing out any germs after its use, rather than spreading them to the next person. Bacteria and viruses love to hide in those shared towels. Bath towels should be hung up immediately after use — the longer than lay damp in a pile the more likely germs will collect on the moist surface. They should be washed regularly and changed often. After a shower, shake your shower curtain to remove water and prevent the buildup of unhealthy mold and mildew. Keep the curtain open so any water will evaporate, and wash the curtain liner at least once a month.

Clean all surfaces including the toilet, sink, and floor, and don’t forget all those places that hands touch, like the faucets in the shower and bathtub and your bathroom doorknob. This is especially important when any member of the family is sick. Showerheads can be soaked in cleanser to remove any buildup inside that can contaminate the water and clog the head.

The best way to make sure your bathroom is as healthy an environment as possible is by keeping it as dry as possible. Make sure to run your exhaust fan whenever you have the shower running to remove the steam from the room. Wear some kind of footwear like slippers or shoes when walking across the bathroom floor so your bare feet don’t come into contact with any germs.

Every member of the family should do their part to keep the bathroom clean and help prevent germs from spreading. For more information on making sure your bath is as healthy as it can be, give Kevin Fahy Kitchens & Baths a call today.

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