You had a long, busy day at work. You’re nursing a stress headache, and your shoulders and back feel achy and tense. You’d love to take the time out of your schedule to go for a massage, but there’s soccer practice. And dinner. And homework. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just have your own personal masseuse? Well, you can. You can customize your bathroom for the ultimate relaxation experience by adding a custom shower, a whirlpool, or both!

You might be thinking back to a time when a whirlpool tub either meant you needed a separate room for it or you had to have a huge bathroom. Not so anymore. For instance, many manufacturers offer whirlpool tubs that are made to fit into standard spaces. And what’s more, these whirlpools feature reliable performance, quality manufacturing, and an ease of use so that each user can enjoy a customized comfort experience.

For a truly luxurious home spa experience, you might want to consider adding a custom shower as well. Custom showers provide both form and function in that they provide the purpose of a regular shower – keeping you clean – but they also allow for an enhanced experience because of their attractive look and body massage capabilities.

In addition to the traditional or hand-held shower head, a custom shower is also equipped with a number of spray valves strategically located on the shower walls. These spray valves generally provide multiple levels of spray, such as wide, pulsating, full-flow and jet. Because you can set the spray valves to suit your individual taste and needs, every showering experience can literally provide you with a personalized spa experience. And, if you couple your custom shower with a whirlpool bath, it’s like having your own “masseuse” right in your bathroom!

Today’s shower and bath manufacturers know that people want more from their bathrooms than just the traditional tub, toilet and sink, too. That’s why trusted companies like Delta and Century Glassworks have created many options when it comes to faucets, fixtures, finishes and shower and bath doors. With so many different choices, you are truly limited only by your imagination. Add some great accessories like scented candles, plush cotton towels, plants, and special soaps and body washes, and you can create a customized spa experience right in your own home, every day.

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