When it comes to choosing a new countertop, there are so many options that the choice can seem pretty daunting at first glance.

But with some expert assistance, deciding on the perfect countertop to match your home’s décor isn’t as difficult as it seems. While there are many choices, a simple review of the priorities you are looking for can make the decision simple, or at least, simpler. Characteristics to look for include durability, stain resistance, color choices and cost, although not necessarily in that order.

Do you need something that will put up with a lot of use and misuse? Quartz is the most durable and stain resistant. Granite offers the most natural beauty, while laminates can be the most inexpensive.

By the numbers, natural granite is very hard and stain resistant after a special sealing process, and is available in more than 100 colors. Manufactured quartz is very hard and 100 percent stain resistant, and is becoming available in a growing number of colors with a more natural look than ever. Cultured marble, a mixture of fiberglass and crushed limestone is softer and more susceptible to staining, making it better for bathroom areas.

Stone countertops of granite, quartz and marble come in slabs sliced from large hunks of the material. Other countertops available include wood and recycled glass, and all of these choices are designed to give you the most flexibility in creating the home of your dreams, rather than trying to confuse you with all of the opportunities.

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