Soapstone Countertops in the Utica, NY Area

Soapstone Countertops utica nyAre you planning on remodeling your Utica, NY area kitchen, and are in the process of considering which kind of material is best for your countertop? If you’re thinking about soapstone kitchen countertops, let Fahy Kitchens help. For more than 40 years we’ve been remodeling kitchens all over the Mohawk Valley, and we’re experts at helping you plan the perfect installation of your new soapstone countertop.

Soapstone, like granite, is a natural stone that is quarried. Soapstone’s composition is mostly mineral talc, which means that it’s quite soft, but the soapstone used for countertops usually contains a high percentage of quartz. That makes it harder and better suited as a countertop material. Soapstone has a natural grey color and has a smooth, matte finish, and it’s naturally resistant to etching from acids, like citrus. Scratches can usually be sanded or oiled away, and regular oiling and buffing is recommended (soapstone countertops, therefore, are a great surface for making pastries!)

Fahy Kitchens makes it easy for customers in the Utica, NY area to install soapstone countertops.

We believe we offer the best selection of kitchen countertops available in the Utica, NY area. Aside from soapstone countertops, Fahy Kitchens is pleased to offer our customers:

In addition to providing top-quality soapstone countertops in the Utica, NY area, Fahy Kitchens is also affiliated with the area’s best countertop fabricators, ensuring that your countertop will have a perfect fit and a look that will last. Whether you’re ready to replace that worn, chipped, cracked countertop or you’re seeking a whole new look, call us today at 315.735.8181 or contact us and we will be happy to set up a consultation with you.