Formica Countertops in the Utica, NY Area

formica countertops utica nyIf you’ve been considering remodeling your Utica, NY area kitchen but are on a tight budget, Formica countertops might be right for you. While today’s Formica countertops are still an affordable choice, they are not your grandmother’s kitchen countertops. That’s because there are many new options available that make today’s Formica countertops an attractive choice.

Formica countertops are made of laminate, and “Formica” is actually the name brand of the material. Generally speaking, applying laminate over plywood is how Formica countertops are created. These countertops are also available in virtually limitless colors and designs – whether you choose a natural-looking color that resembles stone or granite, or prefer something more bright and colorful that makes your kitchen countertop pop, Formica likely has a countertop choice you’ll love.

For the best Formica countertop in the Utica, NY area and expert installation, trust Fahy Kitchens.

At Fahy Kitchens, we pride ourselves on offering the widest selection of kitchen countertops available in the Utica, NY area. In addition to Formica countertops, we’re pleased to offer our customers:

In addition to providing the best Formica countertops in the Utica, NY area, Fahy Kitchens is also affiliated with the area’s best countertop fabricators, ensuring that your countertop will have a perfect fit and a look that will last. Whether you’re ready to replace that worn, chipped, cracked countertop or you’re seeking a whole new look, call us today at 315.735.8181 or contact us and we will be happy to set up a consultation with you.

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