You love to cook. You love to garden. And, you consider yourself a person who likes to go green. If this describes you, then you might want to consider an under-counter compost bin. While this takes some commitment on your part (a hole will need to be made into your countertop to accommodate the bin), most people agree that it’s well worth it in the long run.

What is an under-counter compost bin, anyway?

You might not have ever seen one, even if friends or family have one in their kitchen. That’s because under-counter compost bins are relatively hidden. Manufacturers of under-counter compost bins usually sell them as a kit, with a lid ring, the bin itself, an inner rubber ring and a lid.

How do you install one?

To install an under-counter compost bin, a hole is made in the kitchen countertop, usually near your prep area, sink or work station. (You’ll want a professional to help you install this item – positioning is very important with an under-counter compost bin, and any mistakes in cutting are not easily fixed.) After making the hole, the lid ring is placed, and usually affixed with a silicone sealant.

Next, the bin is inserted into the hole. It stays secure by a lip around the edge. Usually the bin is equipped with a handle for easy removal. Then, you’ll insert the inner rubber ring (which is easily removed for cleaning). Finally, you’ll simply cover the bin with the lid, keeping the sight – and smell – of the compost materials out of your kitchen.

Can I decide to install an under-counter compost bin at any time?

Sometimes, it can be a little difficult to retrofit an under-counter compost bin into your kitchen countertop. Depending on how deep your bin is, you might need to remove shelves below in order to accommodate the bin. Fahy Kitchens & Baths is happy to help you install an under-counter compost bin at any time, but it is a lot easier if we work one into the design of a new kitchen. That way, we can ensure your under-counter compost bin is exactly in the perfect location.

What’s the benefit of having an under-counter compost bin?

If you’re a person who generally composts your organic garbage anyway, you’ll love the convenience of one of these bins. Cleanup is a snap, because you just push your peelings, seeds, eggshells etc. right into the bin. Coffee grounds, teabags, leftover veggies, spoiled fruits and other organic refuse can go right into the bin as well. Because it’s covered, there won’t be any unsightly container on the counter or odors to contend with.

I’m ready to install one!

Great! We’re ready to help. Just call Fahy Kitchens & Baths at 315.735.8181 to set up a consultation, and we’ll be happy to assist you!

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