Is your kitchen a little too “blah,” making your time spent on food-making seem more like a household chore than the enjoyable cuisine creation it could be? Or are you designing a brand-new kitchen, and not really sure how to put those finishing touches on it to make it unique to your home?

It’s time to examine all of the options available that will make that kitchen a room that truly reflects your own personality — a home within the home, if you will. You spend a lot of time in that kitchen and, depending on your interest and aptitude towards food preparation and cleanup, it can get pretty mundane.

It certainly doesn’t have to be.

You know you need the necessities like a sink, stove, lights, counter space, dishes, and silverware, but why not choose accent items that will highlight your interests and hobbies? Maybe you like antiques — go for some old-fashioned accouterments. Like the country? Go for a more rustic look. You can transform your kitchen into a New England waterside café, or make it the most ultra-modern kitchen around with the latest state-of-the-art gadgetry right down to your environmentally friendly lighting.

The kitchen can be decorated uniquely-you as well. If you are an artist, make sure the walls are adorned by some of your work or other favorite artists‘ creations. If you have a favorite collection of keepsakes, display them proudly on shelving designed to accent their flare. Likewise, if you have any family heirloom silverware or dishware, make sure they have a prestigious display place in the room. If you like gardening, pot plenty of your plants about the kitchen.

And don’t forget the organizational items like dish and towel racks, a clock, a message board, and even the pet dishes for your four-legged family members. Concentrate on even the smallest detail.

Make that kitchen a highlight of your home and it will go from a workplace to a comfortable meeting place for a gathering of family and friends.

Stuck on how to make your kitchen uniquely your own? You’re not in this alone — give your friendly professionals at Fahy Kitchens & Baths a call for some expert advice in creating a kitchen that is not only functional but also defines your personality.

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