Of course you want your new kitchen to include beautiful cabinetry, and you might think that hand-hewn finishes are your best option. You might want to consider, though, that factory finishes can sometimes afford better quality and durability. That’s because quality manufacturers operate under stringent conditions, which allow them to carefully control the craftsmanship of all of their pieces. Quality manufacturers like Dura Supreme know cabinetry, and understand that the finish is essential to the durability of their pieces.

A beautiful finish not only creates the perfect look for your new kitchen, but it also helps your cabinetry maintain its good looks for years to come. Most quality manufacturers have perfected a painstaking process that has allowed them to create a finish that is both attractive and durable, from the day it is installed and for years to come.

What should you look for in a quality manufacturer? There are a few steps that these manufacturers follow that help to ensure a beautiful, durable finish:

They manufacture their own doors: This helps them control quality of wood, moisture content, and allows for them to finish all components of the door prior to manufacturing, so that there is no raw wood edging exposed in the finished product.

They create a dust-free environment: Quality factories usually have dust-mitigating equipment in place, which helps to maintain a positive pressure at all times – meaning that air is being pushed out so that dust and other small particles aren’t allowed in. This technology is very costly, and not an option for cabinetry that is finished on-site.

They hand-wipe stains: Hand-wiping provides for an incredibly clear, smooth finish. This process enhances the natural beauty of the wood as opposed to stains that are sprayed on and left to sit unevenly on the surface of the wood.

They hand-detail finishes: So that each piece has unique, beautiful character all its own, quality manufacturers appreciate the difference an artisan’s touch can make. They employ finishers that have an eye for color and detail, so that every piece of cabinetry that leaves their factory is a masterpiece.

They offer quality varnishes: Quality manufacturing facilities are always looking for new varnishes and state-of-the-art application equipment to ensure that the finishing coat will provide for years of beauty despite wear-and-tear.

Custom cabinetry doesn’t have to be built in an artisan’s shop in order to be a work of art. Fahy Kitchens & Baths can help you find factory-finished cabinetry and create a look that’s beautiful now – and will be for years to come. Give us a call at (315) 735-8181 or fax to (315) 735-2829. Fahy Kitchens & Baths is located at 1908 Oriskany Street West in Utica, N.Y. Walk-ins are welcome, but appointments are appreciated.

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