By now you might have seen the joke bathroom photo going around the Internet asking viewers to look for what they see that is amiss and then pass it on. Most alert bathroom regulars will quickly spot the toilet paper dispenser holding a roll of tissue that is inexplicably installed by some brainiac inside the shower wall. Obviously, the first running shower will reduce that roll of TP to a soaked, pulpy mess.

The owners of that oddly designed shower never consulted the professionals at Kevin Fahy Kitchens and Baths.

Although not usually to the extreme seen in that photo, the bathroom is too often overlooked when it comes to decorating the home with a personal flare and eye for maximizing comfort. And what better place to make your own than the bathroom? Lock yourself in there and it becomes your Shangri La away from the real world.

Think about what you would like to see the first thing in the morning, or the last thing in the evening. Would you like an exotic and upbeat theme, a subdued and relaxing décor, something bright and warm, or a bathroom a little more traditional? It’s a given you’ll probably want a sink and a toilet, but beyond that do you need lots of mirror space and lighting, major cabinet storage space, and organizing apparatus for all of your bathroom doodads? Or how about going for the glory and turning your bathroom into a spa?

Whether you prefer function or fluff, or somewhere in between, the Fahy experienced and skilled design team will help you create the bathroom you’ve always wanted. Showers and baths by Sterling, Swanstone, and Danze. Glass doors from Century Bathworks and Basco. Fixtures and accessories by Moen, Kohler and Delta. All of these well-known brands give you the industry’s top lines in shower and bath accoutrements.

For expert information on making your bathroom the highlight of your home, call Fahy Kitchens at (315)735-8181 or fax to (315) 735-2829. Fahy Kitchens is located at 1908 Oriskany Street West in Utica, N.Y. Walk-ins are welcome, but appointments are appreciated.

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