Do you know you need a little something different with the décor in your kitchen or bathroom, but you can’t really put your finger on the change you want to make? Don’t sweat it. You aren’t alone in your quest to create the perfect look with your knowledgeable Fahy Kitchens consultants right beside you every step of the way.

But while you know those dreams will soon turn into reality, you need to get your ideas into proper perspective so you can convey your personal desires to create concrete renovation plans. Regardless of your experience or inexperience as a designer, it isn’t as daunting a task as it may seem. Inspiration is all around you if you know where to look!

Start with analyzing exactly what brought you to the conclusion that you’d like work done. Did you see something in a magazine you thought was a nicer configuration than your own, or spy something on TV — whether in an actual home improvement show or even on a drama or a sitcom — that you decided would look good in your own home? Was there a picture in a magazine that caught your eye, or did you see something at a friend’s home you’d like for yourself? Get together your source material and bring those ideas in.

Maybe it isn’t as easy as having a picture to work from. Now is the time to do a little research. Drop by the showroom and take a look at the displays. Surf the Internet for some examples of finished products. Take a trip to your local library. Visit a friend, and make sure to use the bathroom. Your own inspiration might be as easy as a little borrowing from someone else.

Once you have a general idea where you want to go, Fahy Kitchens will take you the rest of the way with the expert service to take your ideas and make them into a kitchen or bathroom that will become the inspiration — and maybe even the envy — of your own visitors!

Call Fahy Kitchens at (315) 735-8181 or fax to (315) 735-2829. Fahy Kitchens is located at 1908 Oriskany Street West in Utica, N.Y. Walk-ins are welcome, but appointments are appreciated.

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