Once your new or newly-remodeled kitchen is complete with just the right flooring, countertops, cabinetry and major appliances, it’s time for the fine tuning fun to begin.

Much like Old Mother Hubbard and her bare cupboards, your empty kitchen now needs accessorizing with the gadgetry accouterments that will personalize it to your own likes and needs. And even if your kitchen isn’t new, it could just be time to treat yourself to some new stuff.

But don’t rush blindly into buying your small appliances, utensils, dishware and décor. Haphazard impulse purchases will result in a mish-mash of unconnected items that will end up detracting from the kitchen’s fresh new ambiance.

There are four main aspects to keep in mind when completing your kitchen: functionality, décor, affordability and accessibility, with personal preference — and your budget — deciding the order of importance.

Functionality is self-explanatory — all of your kitchen accessories should have a definite purpose. It doesn’t matter if it’s a kitchen necessity like a toaster or a microwave, or something a little more unique like an espresso maker or juicer, if it doesn’t do something constructive then it’s just clutter. Unless, of course, you have an old family heirloom with sentimental value or something that just looks too cool to throw away …

Your décor should define your personality, whether you want to go ultra-modern, rustically antique, or something in between. Decide on a theme before you start shopping to avoid expensive mind changes later, and stick to the plan for a cohesive kitchen arrangement.

Affordability will dictate just how many frills your new kitchen stock will have. Make a budget and stay within it as much as possible. You’ll be glad you did when the bills arrive.

And don’t forget accessibility. Don’t load up with hundreds of the latest high tech gadgets, and then find when you want to use something it’s buried somewhere under a cluttered pile of all the other items you thought you couldn’t live without. Focus on your end goal: creating a fully functional kitchen.

Most people won’t find every kitchen task to be a delight, but with an area stocked for your personal comfort and convenience, you’ll find even the most mundane kitchen chore to be that much more enjoyable in a room that you enjoy being in.

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